Characteristics Of Thai International Schools

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Getting admitted to a Thai international school provides a child with limitless opportunities for personal growth and exposure to new a diverse range of cultures. This kind of learning helps your child to become independent and self-confident. What then makes a great international school?

Academic performance

One of the many reasons parents settle for international schools is the international curriculum used such as the IB (International Baccalaureate) program. The IB programs encourages students to be inquisitive and nurtures their love for reading. Through this programs, children become excellent communicators, risk takers and principled.

International educational networks

Learners are able to connect with others both locally and internationally through the school’s connections to worldwide networks. These offer your child the chance to engage in ventures that challenge their way of thinking. In addition, they are able to interact with their peers from other countries.

Learner centered learning

A learner centered teaching approach is important in the success of a child. According to map guide Thailand, as individuals, we all absorb and retain knowledge in different ways. This why a personalized learning is an essential trait in international schools.

With such a learning approach, subjects are balanced in such a way that every student has the opportunity to explore and develop in those areas they have a keen interest in.

Exceptional facilities

The best international schools have top-notch campuses that encourage interaction and collaboration. An international school campus should offer a learner with the necessary resources to ensure their success.

Highly qualified teaching and support staff

A good international school should have the most well trained staff. A good support staff cannot be overlooked either. They play a major role in ensuring that students are comfortable.

Diverse range of programs

With a various programs easily available to the learner, they are able to explore and pick what they love.

These programs can be arts, academics, athletics, or swimming. Children are provided with a diverse range of programs to explore.


We know how it can be stressful trying to get a good international school for your child. If you are searching for an international school, the above characteristics will help you in making a decision.

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