Hair Transplant in Thailand

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A hair transplant is a plastic surgery procedure in which hair strands are moved from the donor site to the recipient site. The donor site is the part of the body from which the follicles are taken while the recipient site is the part of the body from which the hair follicles are placed. It is a permanent procedure.

After the surgery, the transplanted hair will drop off the body.  However, it will grow after seven months.  The non-transplanted hair can also fall off the body after the process. This is why doctors usually prescribe medication to strengthen the remaining hair from falling off. 

Hair Transplant Techniques

The type of procedure determines the time that one will take to recover. Severe removal of hair can take many weeks while slight removal of hair takes up to a week to recover. There are two popular techniques of hair transplant - the follicular unit strip surgery and the follicular unit extraction. 

In the follicular unit strip surgery procedure, the doctor removes strips measuring between six and ten inches. Once the hair has been removed, the doctor sews the site and divides the piece into 200-500 tiny grafts. The doctor then sterilizes the recipient site and applies an anaesthetic. The doctor then creates holes and places the cut slits into each of the holes.

In follicular unit extraction surgery technique, the doctor shaves the back of the scalp and then carefully removes the hair naturally in groups of one to four strands. It has a quicker patient recovery than the strip surgery method. The follicles are extracted from a much larger donor site.

Effects of a Hair Transplant 

The most significant benefit of this procedure is hair restoration, which also improves your appearance and self-confidence. It also gives you a youthful appearance. 

However,  hair transplant surgery has its side effects. These include bleeding, infection, swelling of the scalp, loss of sensation on the treated area, itching, and inflammation of hair follicles amongst others.  

A hair transplant should, therefore, be taken with a lot of care and medications be prescribed accordingly. Lastly, you should consult a doctor before undergoing this surgery. 

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